Adamson All-Boys Academy
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Adamson All-Boys Academy Series Review

Adamson All-Boys Academy series by CM Stunich is a reverse harem bully romance with a twist of mystery.

The Secret Girl is book one. 

Charlotte is forced to leave her home in California to attend the school her is the headmaster for, a school that just happens to be an all boys school. Not wanting to be the test subject for their plan to integrate girls into the school Charlotte poses as Chuck. 
For day one Chuck has managed to get on the wrong side of not one, not two but all of the Student Council members. The royalty of the school as such. Church their leader, Tobias & Micah the mischievous twins, Ranger the emo baker (frilly aprons. If you know, you know) and Spencer the sweet but clueless with his golden retriever energy. 

I absolutely loved that there are plot elements beyond just the relationships with the boys. Charlotte has nothing but dramas from day one, of course some caused by her want to fly under the radar she made enemies. So I’m really keen to see this storyline play out with the mystery and suspense aspects. Plus this one is a slow burn, usually I find they drag on. However this has just enough intrigue to keep you reading. 

I’ve read a few series of C.M Stunich’s she always has me hooked a few chapters in and this book was no different. I completely devoured it one sitting and that cliffhanger has me ready to dive into book two!

The Rutheless Boys is book two.

Thankfully this book picks up where Secret Girl’s cliffhanger left us. But don’t be fooled into thinking that you’ll have answers. The plot and sub plots that build from it are so woven in that once you uncover a detail you’re still searching for more clues. This has my so hooked, the suspense and mystery make this series addictive. 

Again while this is a reverse harem romance with bully elements, the story doesn’t just revolve around Charlotte and the boys relationships nor do their relationships fall into perfect places. The puzzles extend to the relationships she is building with them. There is more going on that the surface. 

I’m shook though. That cliffhanger and the events leading up to it have me so shook. One minute I think I know what’s happening and the next I’m completely thrown for a loop.

The Forever Crew is book three.

This entire series had me questioning everything. Each unravelling of the plot lead to more questions and had me so consumed that I second guessed every turn. I was utterly enthralled and loved every crazy minute of it. 

The harem relationship really takes a back seat to the plot here and that’s so refreshing. Don’t get me wrong I love spice and smut scenes in my romance, but this was so chocked full of intrigue and mystery. The moments of intimacy were enough. It was the perfect balance in my opinion for this story. 

It’s been awhile since I’ve binged an entire trilogy in 2 days but this series was so captivating it was impossible to leave it unfinished. I’m looking forward to the crossover with our Burberry Prep harem in Orientation.

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