Alstone High
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Alstone High: Trick Me Twice Review

Trick me Twice by Becca Steele is the first book in the Alstone High world. A dark high school enemies to lovers romance with bully themes. 

Carter is one of the kings of Alstone high. The typical wealthy arrogant athlete alphahole. Raine is the invisible loner with social anxiety. Until she tricks him and he finds out. It becomes his mission to make her pay. 

Having read Cross the Line & In a Week first I knew the characters but not their full story. Carter is very different here to in the books that follow. His arrogance and his selfish attitude are excessive. He’s so self entitled. They both go through character development, but he grows the most by the end. I enjoyed the other sides of the story foreshadowing for Cross the Line with Kian and Preston. They’re definitely my favourites from this world. 

I do recommend reading all the books set in the world

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