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Aster Valley Series Review

Aster Valley is a MM romance series by Lucy Lennox set in the beautifully scenic and secluded Aster Valley

Winter Waites is a prequel novella to the Aster Valley series. 

Gentry Kane is a famous musician and when he’s in need of a physical therapist Winter comes face to face with his celebrity crush. This is very much insta love vibes. It’s low angst and very sweet/cute fluff. It’s a short read to bridge into the Aster Valley world

Sweet as Honey is book two in the Aster Valley series.

Truman is an absolute cinnamon roll and the owner of a spice store in Aster Valley. 
Sam is a contractor and friend of Mikey and Tillers (Right as Raine) who has come to town to help rebuild the lodge. 

Truman has a lot of struggles in the town due to an event that happen years prior that he’s still paying for. And Sam can’t help himself but get involved. These two are really cute together. Sam gives Truman the courage he needs to stand up for himself and open up about the events of the past. 

I enjoyed the read and it follows the same vibe as the other books in the series. Small town, low angst vibes.

Hot as Heller is book three in the Aster Valley series.

We first meet Declan in Sweet as Honey when he first comes to town as a new deputy. I really looked forward to his story when he first appeared. 

Enter Finn Heller a former child star trying to make it as an action star. He’s snarky, entitled and full of attitude. Or so it appears to Declan from their first encounter where Finn mistakes him for a valet. 

The banter and snark in this book is probably why these two are my fave Aster Valley couple. Finn can’t help himself but poke at every button Declan has just to get a reaction. But Declan warms to the actor an realises there is more to him than the Movistar exterior. I think as characters these two have the most development, mainly Finns character.

Thick as Thieves is book four in the Aster Valley series.  

Parker and Julian have been best friends since they could remember, for twenty odd years they were each other’s people. Until Parker was set to marry, someone else.

Parker is left at the altar by his on again off again girlfriend Erin. To cope with this change Julian invites Parker to his cabin in Aster Valley. 

This book focuses heavily on the best friends to lovers trope, with a huge dash of sexual awakening. As always with Lucy’s books it’s so full of love and fluff you can’t help but get swept away in the small town homey vibes that tug at your heart. 

It’s such a cute and sweet read. Between Parker’s golden retriever energy and group of couples we’ve met in previous books this book is like a huge warm hug on a cold day.

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