Tales You Win
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Beast & Grim Duet: Tales You Win Review

Tales You Win is book one in Grim & Beasts Duet by Bea Paige. A dark bodyguard romance. 

This is the story we have been waiting for. From when I first read Academy of Stardom I wanted more from Beast and Grim. 
If you haven’t read Bea’s other series this can technically be read as a standalone, but I would recommend starting at the beginning with Brothers Freed, Academy of Misfits, Beyond the Horizon (Finding their Muse is included here in the reading order, however I’ve not read the series), Academy of Stardom followed by Their Obsession duet. 

Grim is the daughter of Carter, the Rule of Tales and east end underground fight club. Tales you win. Heads you lose. And the fighters of Tales never lose.
Beast is Carter’s enforcer and is tasked with the job of being Grim’s bodyguard. 

I really enjoyed their interactions throughout this book. It shows how much their relationship has grown from the beginning of their story here to how they are in Academy of Stardom or Their Obsession. Plus the added bonus of the Freed brothers making an appearance with Hudson and Grim being best friends. 

I’m looking toward to Heads You Lose and seeing where the rest of the twisted tale takes us. 
While we know how their story ends up. This cliffhanger ending still has me SHOOK! 

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