Beyond the Horizon
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Beyond the Horizon Review

Beyond the Horizon by Bea Paige is an age gap romance standalone spin-off of Academy of Misfits. 
While it is a standalone I recommend reading Brothers Freed & Misfits first. As you will have moments of Asia’s story spoiled.

Connie is a sweet somewhat naive 18 year old living on the island with her grandmother that her parents grew up on. 
Malakai calls the ocean home and keeps to the solitude of his boat. But fate steps in and a love story begins. 

I enjoyed their clear chemistry when I read Academy of Misfits so naturally I needed to dive into their story. 

The character development on this book is what makes it so captivating. Malakai is plagued by his past and the consequences of his family. 

If you enjoy Bea’s other books from this world then you’ll love this read.

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