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Black Creek: Murder and Mayhem Review

Murder and Mayhem is book two in the Black Creek series by RA Smyth. A dark reverse harem romance with gang and mafia themes. 

After that teaser of an epilogue to Rebels and Rejects I have been chomping at the bit for this baby to hit my kindle and I was not remotely prepared for what unfolded. 

Sawyer may have teamed up with the Rejects but she definitely doesn’t warm straight up, her loyalties and concern will always lie with her brother above all else. Having the relationships develop over the course of the story is both tortuous and brilliant. Smyth is the master of right amount of burn to have you going stir crazy but feeding you enough to keep you absolutely sunk for the characters. I absolutely live for the tension between Sawyer and Cain with his alpha hole mentality! Oliver is just a cinnamon roll that could kill you. But I’m struggling to pick a favourite book boyfriend so far…I’m lured in too deep haha! But with that said, the bond between Dante and Lor is so intriguing too. I’m keen to see where that goes and how it will be unfold…

Sawyer definitely brings her own brand of retribution to the table. I love that the plot is still very much the focus, like in Pacific Prep you can expect plot heavy with a great amount of spice. It doesn’t overshadow the story, it adds to it perfectly. 

It wouldn’t be Black Creek without the unexpected and damn did that ending throw me for a loop…I knew there would be something coming. But I didn’t see this one. Damage and Deadly cannot come quick enough.

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