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Boneyard Kings Series Review

Merciless Kings is the first book in the new series Boneyard Kings Becca Steele & C. Lymari. 

This co write has all the elements for the beginning of a great series. There are so many secrets woven into the plot of this I can’t wait until they all unfold. While we only got a taste of what’s to come with this series it’s just the right amount to have you needing more. 

Reverse Harem and bully theme, how could I resist that?! 
Callum, Saint & Mateo the Boneyard Kings. The bad boys from the wrong side of the tracks. Seriously can we tick any more boxes to feed my addict needs? 
I’m not quite sure on my take of our FMC Everly just yet. She has my curiosity piqued. But I look forward to seeing how she develops throughout the series. 

But that cliffhanger! Seriously way to reality punch. Book 2 has the answers I need.

Vicious Queen is book two in the Boneyards Kings series by Becca Steele & C. Lymari. A dark reverse harem with bully themes. 

This is such a great fast paced read. Easy to devour in a binge read sitting, which is exactly what I did. Viciousus Queen picks up where Merciless Kings left us on that crazy cliffhanger but the hits keep coming as more of the plot unfolds. 

The first book had me unsure of my thoughts on Everly as a character, she isn’t the typical fiery badass, she’s quiet and naive. But she does start to push outside of that box within Vicious Queen. I really hope to see more of this develop in the next book, Ruthless Kingdom. 
But we do get a little more insight into the Boneyard Kings – Callum, Saint & Mateo with flashback moments to their past. These are brilliant to show character development. Especially with the different POV’s of all 4 main characters, the change in narrative always builds more of a story arc. 

I really enjoyed this read and again it was so easy to read in one sitting. The writing flows that you’ll find yourself halfway through the book in no time!

Thank you Becca for sending me an arc for this series! 

Ruthless Kingdom is book three and the final book in the Boneyards Kings series by Becca Steele & C. Lymari. A dark reverse harem with bully themes. 

I didn’t want this series to end. Steele & Lymari are a brilliant duo together. 

Throughout the series Everly really grew on me. In the beginning I really wasn’t sure if she was my kinda FMC, but she develops and grows into a fantastic an interesting character with her own brand of fire.

With Saint, Mateo and Callum, Everly fights back to take down their enemies and protect what they have built. 

Every kingdom needs a queen and Everly is theirs. 

If you haven’t started this trilogy I highly recommend you give it a read. It’s so easy to being read. The writing flows well and the characters will have you hooked!

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