Boys of Briar Hall
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Boys of Briar Hall: Twisted Games Review

Twisted Games is book three in The Boys of Briar Hall series by Elena Lawson. A dark reverse harem romance filled with gang violence, angst and secrets. 

This is great action packed and at moments chilling thriller style dark romance. Twisted Games picks up where that twisted cliffhanger from Wicked Trials left us and if you think you’re going to get answers straight away you are most definitely mistaken. This book provides more twists and turns but we do have some brilliant character development. The Crows: Grey, Corvus & Rook show us their true selves with the reveals of more back story and devolving into what makes them tick. 

Between the gang war and AJ’s stalker you can’t help but be completed enthralled and captivated by this story. Its a binge read. To be fair the first two books were binge reads for me as well. You will experience a total onslaught of emotions from this book and it’s totally worth the pain. Even though that cliffhanger absolutely destroys, I still maintain the hurt is worth it….it will be worth it once we can get our hands on book 4 Warped Minds. 

Just a heads up for my fellow audio lovers, Crooked Crows & Wicked Trials are both available on audio now narrated by one of my fave narration duos Bridget & Jake Bordeaux. This is one of my fave series and is totally underrated, it needs to be added to your TBR immediately. 

While I don’t find any of the content triggering please be sure to read trigger warnings as this series contains has reference to past traumas, dubcon, graphic gang violence, knife play and other dark themes.

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