Bradford Brawler
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Bradford Bastard: Bradford Brawler Review

Bradford Brawler is book two in the Bradford Bastard series by Sheridan Anne. A MF dark romantic suspense series. 

This book picks right back up where Bradford Bastard cliffhanger left us dangling, only to be hanging on the cliff again. Sheridan has a knack for reeling you into thinking you’re safe and the BAM she hits you with that cliffhanger. 

But even with he cliffhanger this book was damn good. I could NOT put it down and binge it one sitting. These characters are so captivating and intriguing, but I don’t just mean Bri and Tanner. The side characters really pull you into their sub plots without taking away from the main story line which lets face it has me on the edge of my seat! 

I cannot wait to see where Sheridan takes us with Bradford Butcher, especially given where this book lefts us and the secret Tanner was about to spill! 

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