Brooke Blaine Ella Frank Reading Orders

BrElla Reading Order

The Chicagoverse by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine are interconnected series where characters from previous series will make an appearance. While the series can be read on their own it does provide a fuller and rounded world to read all of the series in order.



Exquisite is a MF romance series with a different couple each book. These characters do appear in series that follow.

Temptation 1-3

Temptation is a MM romance series. This is the first three books. Their story does continue however other series do occur first in the timeline.

Sunset Cove

Sunset Cove features two MM Romance stories. Finley is a spinoff of Temptation where we first meet Finley.

LA Liaisons

LA Liaisons is a MF romance series following a different couple in each book.


PresLocke is a MM romance. We first meet Ace Locke in LA Liaisons and Dylan in Sunset Cove. Their story does include characters from previous series.

Temptation 3-6

Temptation continues with Logan & Tate’s story. This does pick up after the events of Wedlocked.


Confessions is a MM romance series (Books 1-4 are a MMM Menage) picks up where Temptation ended and events that occurred in Temptations as well as characters from previous series will make an appearance in Robbie, Julien & Priest story. Henri & Bailey’s story continues on the timeline.

Prime Time Series

Prime Time Series features characters who appeared in previous books. This series is a MM bodyguard trope romance.

Intentions Duet

Intentions Duet is a MM age gap romance. This series does have appearances by characters from previous series.

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel is a rockstar romance series. Books 1-3 feature a MM romance. Book 4 is a MFM menage novella. Book 5 is another MM romance. These should be read in order to entire continuity of the story.

South Haven

South Haven is a MM duet connected to the Chicagoverse. Book 1 is a second chance romance. Book 2 connects to events in Fallen Angel and does link to their timeline.

Dare to Try

Dare to Try is a MM romance trilogy. This series follows on from both Confessions: Bailey and Prime Time series as Kieran is their younger brother. And also follows South Haven with Bash and his friends.

Chicago Heat

Wicked Heat Wicked Flame duet follows both Dare to Try & Intentions duet and appearances from characters from previous books.

Wicked Burn & Wicked Blaze are yet to release. But it is mentioned that this will be Olsen’s story.

While not directly part of the Chicagoverse the Elite does interconnect with some series in Jingle Bell Rock. A Christmas special novella where characters from Temptations, Confessions, Preslocke, Fallen Angel, The Elite, South Haven and LA Liaisons do come together or cross paths in this book.

The Elite

The Elite is a MM military/pilot romance with frenemies/rivals to lovers trope.

Co Authored Standalones

Shiver is a dark stalker/obsession read. This is not a romance.

Secrets and Lies a forbidden teacher/student MM romance.

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