Brothers Freed
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Brothers Freed Review

Brothers Freed series a reverse harem romance series by Bea Paige

Avalanche of Desire is book one.

Louisa sets off for her first overseas trip to being a chalet girl over Christmas in the French alps. Escaping her drunk mother and parade of dead way boyfriends. 

But she gets more than she bargained for with three hot bachelor brothers who are interested in two things – women and partying.
She’s then asked to join them at their log cabin. 

This is a good beginning to the series. 

My only real issue with the book is the narrators voices for some of the side characters are very nails one a chalkboard.

Storm of Seduction is book two.

After the death Lousia’s mother her entire life changes. This series is a fast burn, quick read type. 

I do enjoy the chemistry she has with each Freed brother. They all offer something different to her. 

Dawn of Love is book three.

This book is the punch you in the feels type that Bea is known for giving us. While Louisa becomes settled after the events with her mother, tragedy strikes for the Freed’s and it’s a battle to get back what is lost. 

This series is necessary in the world Bea has created. With the other series that follow and the appearances from the brothers and Louisa.

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