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Brutal Birthright Series Review

Brutal Birthright is a mafia romance series focusing on the Gallo and Griffin families.

Brutal Prince is book in the series.

First time reader of Sophie’s and I’m so mad at myself for waiting so long. I’m a sucker for banter, sass and enemies to lovers. 

This is a great start to the brutal birthright series. It is witty and funny while still having the level of steam. 

I knew from the beginning that Callum was the hard, brooding type and Aida the wild and unruly type. The opposites attract trope is a fave of mine too and this worked brilliantly

Stolen Heir is book two in the series. Very Beauty and the Beast or Hades & Persephone vibes.

A dark and gothic enemies to lovers romance. Nessa the sweet little sunshine ballerina and Miko the heartless crime boss. She’s his captive, a means to an end. 

I enjoyed the read. As a sucker for beauty and beast styles and enemies to lovers the plot built and developed well. It begins where the first book in the brutal birthright series Brutal Prince ends but it is a stand-alone of its own story.

Savage Lover is book three in the series.

Nero and Camille have a very different story Lark’s previous storyline’s. 

They share a love of cars and adrenaline rushes. It’s a slow burn for them, it develops well. The characters come to life the more they reveal their emotions. Both being hot heated and stubborn they class in the beginning 

I’m enjoying the progression of the books and looking forward to the next read

Bloody Heart is book four.

I don’t usually go for second chance romance styles. But from the previous stories in Larks series Dante is definitely the most private and withdrawn. My interested was piqued.

The backstory for these two is fairly predictable. To be honest Dante’s part is the only substance for me. 
Simone on the other hand is sheltered, naive and lacks personality. She isn’t my kind of character, she lacks any real substance or backbone. 

I was a little disappointed. I’d hoped for someone more for Dante. Someone that had a similar fire. Obviously not my favourite pairing from the series, but I’d still recommending reading it in the series. 

I did like Raylan straight away and there is already that sass and snark with Riona and I’m totally here for it. The next book will be interesting for sure.

Broken Vow is book five.

I liked Raylan straight away and there was already that sass and snark with Riona in Bloody Heart and I’m totally here for it.

Riona is fierce and strong willed. Often seen as icy or harsh. Raylan is charming southern soldier. 
After an attempt on her life, Raylan becomes her bodyguard. They’re both competitive and stubborn. Butting heads. Being in such close proximity and life threatening situations brings these two together.

I enjoyed this one from the series a lot. It lived up to the potential I’d seen in the previous book 

Heavy Crown is book six

Sebastian the youngest Gallo brother. 
Falling in love with the Bratva princess. The plot really did catch me by surprise. While I assumed some elements would occur, I didn’t see the full way it unfolded. 

Sebastian started out on the series as the sweet, aloof guy. Wow did things change for him over the course of the series. I think maybe his is the most change. 

The ending to build into Kingmakers was a good way to enter into the next series.

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