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Bully Review

Bully is book one in the Fall Away series by Penelope Douglas. A contemporary romance with bully themes.

Tate returns from her year aboard to the same hateful and surly behaviour from Jared, who is not only her neighbour but they used to be best friend as kids. I was totally here for this second chance vibe. Managing expectations is critical in these kinds of situations as as this book is not only set in high school so some of the characters are very immature but the author has obviously development their writing since this series. Character wise, Madoc I think his character narrative could be interesting and look forward to that in Rival. But K.C has some serious development needed, she’s very unlikeable and I’m still not sure if that was intention or just a flaw in the character. But right from the bringing she dry humped my last nerve. So fingers crossed she improves by Falling Away. 

While this isn’t my first Pen book (Punk 57 took that title) I think it should be said that for Pen’s earlier work this was a decent read. I’m an avid bully romance lover so the themes didn’t seem overly offensive or out there to me as I’ve noticed in other reviews/from readers. 
This is a book about childhood friendships, love, pain and of course trauma. I’m also looking forward to reading Until You and getting more of Jared’s POV about the events that occurred. 

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