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Chicago Heat: Wicked Flame Review

Thank you to Ella Frank & SocialButterfly PR for sending me an arc to review.

Wicked Flame is book two in Chicago Heat series and the finally book in Jameson and Ryans duet. A MM grumpy/sunshine romance. Wicked Flame picks up where that mini cliffhanger left us in Wicked Heat. 

Jameson hasn’t had the easiest life, both with his childhood and the years since. He struggled with loss, trauma and a lack of self worth. Until he meant Ryan. The absolute embodiment of happy, sunshine. 

Their story has some hurdles to overcome both with Jameson’s past and how that will impact his future but also with his sister. Ella always gives fully with the character development and this duet is no different. Without fail she pulls me in and has me hooked from the beginning with not just the steam but the angst and cute too. Her ability to pull at my non-existent heartstrings is an absolute achievement. This book punched me in the feels. I wouldn’t go as far to compare it to the level with Tate and Logan (if you know, you know) but moments definitely got me in the feels. 

Plus I absolutely love any excuse to read and dive into the chicagoverse bubble, its truly one of my book happy places. There is always that bonus of getting to see some character favourites too. 

I look forward to seeing where Ella takes the next series with the next duet with Olsen’s story.

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