Wicked Heat
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Chicago Heat: Wicked Heat Review

Wicked Heat is book one in Ryan and Jameson’s Duet and the first book in the Chicago Heat series. An MM grumpy/sunshine trope romance. 

Ryan is the sweet, caring an generous guy who would do anything to help anyone. We meet Ryan first in Prime Time (Alexander & Sean’s story) and he appears in the Intentions Duet (Marcus & Gabe’s story) so naturally after watching not only his boss and his best friend find love it’s about time Ryan got his turn. But he’s not so lucky in love. 
Jameson is a grumpy, gruff fireman who gives f*ck right off vibes with just just a glance. 

Jameson saves Ryan from losing his wallet in a pub one night, thats the end of it right? Wrong. It seems everywhere they turn the other is. 

Jameson and Ryan have that classic sizzling angsty chemistry I love. But it isn’t all smooth sailing. Jameson has struggles with his past and is unable to move on from it. The different POV’s of the book bring so much more to this story not only with Ryan’s inner monologue moments but it brings a full narrative.

As always I love any excuse to dive into the BrElla Chicagoverse and this book is no different. We even have a few appearance from ENN couple faves like Marcus & Gabe and Sean & Alexander. Like Sean reminding us just how well he likes to stick his foot in his mouth

I’m looking forward to the next instalment of their story and of course finding out where Olsen’s story take us in the next duet of the series.

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