Clearwater University
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Clearwater University Review

Clearwater University series by Eva Ashwood is a reverse harem romance with bully themes 

Who Breaks First is book one.

Emma returns back to her home town after being offered a full ride to Clearwater University. And walks straight into Trent, Reece and West the Icons. They used to be best friends until they weren’t and they mercilessly tormented her for a year until she fled. 

I can’t say no to a bully romance with enemies to lovers and second chance vibes. But this trio manage to ruin their happiness at every turn. 
They seek their revenge for Emma’s actions….I thought at first this was just miscommunication. But it’s so much deeper and the drama of it creates the best tension and angst.

Multiple POV’s also make this read so much more interesting. With getting not only the present situations but flashes to their pasts and moments that lead to Emma’s torment. 

That cliffhanger…While I definitely saw a cliffhanger coming in this kind of context, I definitely didn’t see it happening this way. 
This book is definitely a great start to the series! 

Who Laughs Last is book two 

Thankfully this book picks right up at that cliffhanger from Who Breaks First. But while the hits keep coming for Emma she is not taking it lying down. Revenge is a dish best served cold and the Icons are in Emma’s sights. 

Same as the first book I really enjoy the multiple POV’s with Emma and the Icons. It builds this story more and seeing the different narrative gives all the perspectives of the situation. 
Character development and growth is slowly coming through here. This book while not heavy on its own full subplot it branches on the main trilogy plot and builds to that fantastic cliffhanger we got hit with. 

Who Falls Harder is book three.

This book being the final book is of course where everything comes to a head, not just the plot fully unravelling but the harem finally develops completely. I’m a big fan of the medium burn moments where everything builds, but where it all falls into place is absolute perfection for reverse harems. The relationship becomes more than just part of the plot. 

I enjoyed seeing the character growth throughout this series, both for the Icons in ways but mainly Emma. She started to take control of her own journey rather than just taking what was dished out or hiding behind the boys.

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