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Confessions Books 1-4 Review

Robbie is book one in the Confessions series by Ella Frank. A MMM ménage romance 

Robbie has always been a sassy little spitfire even in the early Temptation books. 
Priest is the new partner at Mitchell and Madison and his husband Julien, a talented chef. 

The banter from Robbie is always a treat. He’s so sassy and unapologetically himself. Especially after coming back to himself after his bad relationship. 

This book really sets the stage as such for their relationship. With snippets of information of both Priest and Julien’s past with how they met and other pieces of their pasts. 

Robbie takes the leap of faith to see where the relationship will take them. While the subplots are also in the works the main focus in this book is that. 

The cliffhanger has you needing the next book. While the books aren’t suspense filled they do have high levels of angst at times.

Julien is book two in the Confessions series by Ella Frank. A MMM ménage romance 

While titled Julien, this book doesn’t just focus on his backstory. This book does show character development and growth of Julien with his past traumas and the guilt that burdens him. 
But it still very much revolves around the three, the building stages of both their physical and emotional relationship. 

We also get that glimpse behind Priest’s ‘grumpy’ exterior the more he’s around Robbie, who sprinkles sunshine everywhere he goes. 

Robbie, Julien and Priest start to falling into that happily blissed stage but this cliffhanger leaves our three men a little shook. As we move into Priest’s book. 

I really enjoy this series every time i resist it. The relationship between these men is very different from that of the others in the BrElla world and they’re so easy to fall in love with. 
Also appearances from Tate and Logan are always a bonus. 

Priest is book three in the Confessions series by Ella Frank. A MMM ménage romance 

One of my favourites parts of this book is the developments on their relationship. Not just the steamy moments, but the cute and the sweetness of it. Priest is always such a stoic wall, but here we truly see him. We see the man Julien fell in love with. But we also see what made him the way he is when his past comes knocking. Not only in the form of his father but Henri as well 

The character development for not just Robbie from Temptations to now but Priest and Julien when they appeared in the latter Temptation books as well is fantastic. Seeing them from the beginning brought so much more to this story. 

Also a glimpse into Henri and what we have to look forward to in Henri & Bailey where we get his narrative on not only the events of what occurred in this book but his past with Priest.

The Princess, the Prick & the Priest is book four in the Confession series by Ella Frank and the final book in Robbie, Julien and Priest’s story. A MMM menage romance. 

This book is the perfect ending to their story. After the build up of their relationship and the character developments over the years it’s definitely one of the fave books. 

With everything these characters have been through they definitely deserve a happily ever after and I loved how they got there. We get cute, steam and just genuine happy moments. The offical meeting the parents is probably one of my fave parts. 

There is also a few more breadcrumbs to the next duet for Henri and Bailey.

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