A Fractured Reign
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Crowned Crows: A Fractured Reign Review

A Fractured Reign is book three in the Crowned Crows series. Each book followed a different couples journey within the Crowned Crows world. This book is Colton and Quinns story. 

I cannot sing Veronica enough praises for this book! It gets better with every book. Right when we first meet the Crows in Ruthless Bishop, Veronica’s Sinners and Saints series I knew I wanted their stories. 

Colton is the aloof, joker of the group. But there is more to him than we originally see. His character development is possible the biggest within the series. In the beginning he’s very arrogant, or so he’s made to appear. But really he’s a marshmallow, soft with a gooey sweet centre. Sinfully dirty, but sweet nonetheless. And Quinn ruffles his feathers as much as he does her. They are so alike. But the tension, I absolutely lived for their snarky tension filled banter. 

I love that this series revolves around more than just each couple. We have the main plot premise of the battle of the Crows and Kings. But the sub plots for each couple and their pasts make this series absolutely captivating. Veronica always hooks me with the enemies to lovers vibes and this book was no different. 

I look forward to The Kings of Ruin, the final book in the Crowned Crows series.

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