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CU Hockey Series

Power Plays and Straight A’s is book one in CU Hockey series by Eden Finley & Saxon James. A MM brothers best friend sports romance. 

Zach the shy, nerdy and off limits brothers best friend. Foster the hot, confident hockey player. 

Zach always been off limits, until Seth asked Foster to keep an eye on him when they end up at the same college together. 

These two are adorable. Foster doesn’t fit the usual athlete stereotypes that are so often shoved into sports romance. Not only does he lack the meathead vibe, but he’s also intelligent. This was so refreshing. The chemistry that develops between Foster and Zach is cute and sweet. The banter flows once Zach feels comfortable and they really blend well together. 

We also meet a few of the characters that will appear in future books, it’s always fun when doing a reread to pick up on things you missed the first time. 

Also as always Iggy Toma and Alexander Cendese are fantastic narrators. Their voices always work so well together and never fail to make for a great audio experience. 

Face Offs and Cheap Shots is book two in CU Hockey series by Eden Finley & Saxon James. A MM enemies to lovers sports romance. 

Jacobs is the farm boy hockey player, he’s focused and goal orientated. 
Beck the rich entitled hockey player, who so he show everyone. 

Jacobs can’t stand Beck and it shows. So when they’re pit against each other for the captain of the team the gloves come off. Beck and Jacobs are forced to work together while training young hockey potentials. Beck finds he has a love for more than just teaching.
The foundation of their relationship built on bets and rivalry this makes their story so light and full of banter and often shenanigans. 

We also have appearances from our previous CU couple Zach & Foster, as well as glimpses of our next couple!

Goal Lines & First Times is book three in CU Hockey series by Eden Finley & Saxon James. A MM sports romance. 

Seth is best friend to Zach and Fosters twin brother. He’s struggled with every relationship and it never feels quite right. So after being dumped by his girlfriend he joins an online chat site to form a connection and explore his sexuality. 
Cohen is a hockey player and confused about his sexual identity when it’s brought to his attention making out with your guy best friend in high school could be considered gay. 

With Cohen being labelled the dumb jock and Seth’s aversion to anything hockey, Seth and Cohen are an unlikely couple in the beginning. The banter and chatting back and form through the app with them getting to know each was very slow burn. This is possibly the slowest burn book from Eden and Saxon. While not my favourite couple, they just have something missing for me to be fully invested I still recommend giving this a read. 

I did enjoy the inclusivity shown throughout the book acknowledging the different and not always sexually charged preferences and the fluidity of the spectrum.

Line Mates & Study Dates is book three in CU Hockey series by Eden Finley & Saxon James. A MM sports romance. 

Asher’s whole life was turned upside down when his parents were killed in a car accident. His brother West both gave up his NHL career and Asher put his on hold to take care of their 5 younger siblings. West is now Ashers assistant coach and Asher does everything he can to rebel. 

Kole is the coach’s son and after losing a bet is forced to be the teams equipment manager. West asks him to keep an eye on Asher, but is that really part of his role? 
Kole ends up tutoring Asher to help him keep his spot on the team. 

Hades, Kole’s dog is clearly another star of this book. 

Kole and Asher have the best banter. They both throw around sarcasm like it’s confetti and I love it. 
They’re one of my fave couples from Eden and Saxon. 

Puck drills and Quick Thrills is book five in the CU Hockey series by Eden Finley & Saxon James. A MM sports romance. 

Jasper harbours a grudge against athletes because he was mercilessly bullied in school 

Westly gave up his NHL career to become the guardian of his 5 siblings after losing their parents and the assistant coach for his brothers hockey team.

Westly confronts Jasper when he refuses to give his brother and hockey player extra credit to improve his grade. This sets their whole story in motion. 

When Jasper needs a date to his high school reunion, who better to take him than the hot ex NHL player. 
Snark and sarcasm is one of the foundations of Eden and Saxon’s books and this book fits the bill. 

I love the dynamic between Jasper and Westly. The age gap provides a great balance in their relationship. They compliment each other perfectly! 

Iggy and Alexander always deliver narration gold! So worth waiting for the delay on the audiobook release

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