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Dante’s Infernal Review

Dantes Infernal is a MM Romance rockstar series.

Taming Dante is book one in the Dante’s Infernal series. A MM romance with enemies to lovers, rockstar, bodyguard and forced proximity tropes.

Taming Dante was my read of Joel Abernathy’s writing and I was skeptical at the beginning of how a DD/LB dynamic would be portrayed as often it’s not done in an accurate light. 
But I was pleasantly surprised. Dante’s accelerated lifestyle robbed him of a childhood so his reversion to little was craving the comfort and safety it provided being in that state. Especially with drying to get sober, he needed something else to focus on. Cash being a natural nurturer made it inevitable. 

This book also opens up the plots and gives breadcrumbs for the future stories to come with the other characters. 
As an avid audiobook listener Iggy Toma and Cooper North were a fantastic duo for this story. I’ve listened to a few from both and they also deliver. 

Collaring Chaz is book two in the Dante’s Infernal series. A MM rockstar romance. 

Chaz is a sweet adorkable cinnamon roll. He has no self esteem at all and believes he isn’t worthy, which is made worse by the actions of those around him. Some knowingly and others without any thought. 

Raf is stuck between happiness for his friend and the feeling of loss at the changes that comes with Dante’s relationship with Cash progressing. After pining for his best friend, well the idea he has of him in his head for so long he doesn’t quite how to feel. 

Chaz and Raf enter into a d/s dynamic with Chaz becoming Raf’s pup. I’m always weary of d/s dynamics in books due to more often than not the inaccuracy of it, however not only did this pup play flow really well within the story and held truth. 
Chaz being the perfect submissive with his adorkableness provided very cute d/s moments that brought more to the story. 

With the development of the series plot we also meet Sterling who has history with Drake, leading us into the next book. 
I’ve listened to quite a few audiobooks narrated by Michael Dean as always he delvers brilliantly. This however is my first of Kaeomakana Tiwanak, but I feel like it fit perfectly!

Breaking Drake is book three in the Dante’s Infernal series. A MM Rockstar romance 

Drake and Sterling have history. There’s a line fine between love and hate after all. 

This is probably my favourite book out of the series, when I first read it I read them out of order and this was where I started and what made me read the series as a whole. 

Their dynamic is the most intense and interesting. With the second chance and enemies to lovers vibe it had me hooked both then and now with my reread. 

The rivalry that began between two young musicians has ruled their adult lives for 2 decades. They’re consumed by each other.

Saving Saint is book four in the Dante’s Infernal series. A MM rockstar romance. With friends to lovers, enemies to lovers and second chance tropes. 

Saint is a brooding, grumpy man whore guitar player. Danny is the sweet cinnamon roll keyboardist. 

Danny had also been inflated with Saint, even before they both joined Dante’s Infernal when their bands merged. And until one night after a gig he thought Saint would never see him as more than a kid. But when Danny’s brother Adam comes back as the bands drummer a drunken mistake ruins any love Danny has for Saint. 

This book gets a little dark and heavy on the angst. With a plot focused on addiction and both past/present trauma it takes a dark turn. It wasn’t what I expected but I can’t say I was disappointed. Pain and betrayal can manifest in many ways. For Danny it become revenge and changing himself. 

I enjoyed the role reversal with the d/s dynamic and Saint not being in control. While Danny became harder to cope with the events. There are still glimpses of the cinnamon roll. This happy ending didn’t take the journey I thought it would. But I was totally here for it!

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