Dukes of Ruin
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Dukes of Ruin Review

Dukes of Ruin is book four in the Royals of Forsyth University series, book one in the Dukes trilogy. While the Lords and the Dukes stories are both their own. I believe reading them in order is necessary to get the full world and understanding of the Royals. 

Lavinia is a fierce firecracker that will not yield. She was given by her father the Count’s King to the previous Lords King, Daniel Payne to keep as a prisoner to break her spirit and punish her. 

The Dukes: 
Pretty Nick, we first meet in him in the Lords series. His role is very different in the southside than as a Bruin legacy. He appears to be more than just a pretty face. 
Sy, Nick’s brother has been groomed to become a Duke but he has a raging monster under his skin. A fighter to the core. 
Remy, is the troubled artist. The most troubled by their shared past

Lavinia and Dukes are chaos and insanity in the best possible way. The Lords is by far one of my favourite series and I had very high hopes for this next instalment and I was not disappointed. Angel & Samantha’s writing has you needing to dive right in and not stop reading. The blend of characters personalities and lets call them eccentricities is so captivating. The characters always hold flaws, they never hold the unrealistic ideal of perfection. Which is so refreshing to read in dark romance, especially bully romance. These characters are depraved, cold and murderous, but no excuses are made for their actions. Angst and trauma are what they’re built on. 

While I am not triggered by this series I recommend reading the trigger warnings before reading. These characters are not just morally grey they’re dark as night and make no apologies for their actions. Some triggers may include but are not limited to bully themes, dub/non con, self harm, captivity and a whole lot of emotional manipulation. If that doesn’t sound like your jam or something you can handle, don’t read this series.

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