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Elite Protection Series Review

Elite Protection Services series is a MM romance with age gap, daddy/boy and BDSM elements.

Intoxicating is book one  

This is my second series I’ve read from Onley and I’m definitely hooked. Not only with the story but Liam DiCosimo is absolutely fantastic at narrating these books! 

Linc is sent to babysit the son of a senator. Easy money…But Wyatt is reckless, disobedient and a little lost. The job should be a piece of cake. But the lines become blurred and separating the paycheck from the boy is becoming difficult. 

I enjoyed this. I find it so easy to binge listen to Onley’s books, not only because of Liam’s brilliant narration. But they just flow so well and hook you right in. The spice and kink doesn’t hurt either. This was a great representation of a daddy/boy dynamic, showing not just the sexual or kink side. But also the necessity of aftercare. 

Captivating is book two in the Elite Protection Series series. A MM romance with age gap and BDSM elements. 

Elijah has Hollywood in his blood and was a child star until it was ruined by one man. Now he’s back on top he needs a bodyguard. 
Shep is a sociopath. Wearing whatever masks he needs depending on his surroundings. Until he meets Elijah…
I love the sociopath and the cinnamon roll aspect. Its one of the things I enjoy most about Onley’s books. The darkness and the light colliding perfectly!

Exasperating is book three in the Elite Protection Series series. A MM romance with age gap and BDSM elements. 

Calder is the definition of a manwhore and has a habit of sleeping with Elite clients. Robby is a sweet and sheltered actor struggling to find his place after his public breakup of his fake relationship with Elijah (from Captivating). 

These two couldn’t be more different and both have more baggage than an airport carousel, but they absolute work. Robby’s cult past rears it’s head and Calder can’t shake the demons from his past either. 
Onley really does sucker me in completely with these men. I’ve enjoyed devouring this series.

Infuriating is book four in the Elite Protection Series series. A MM romance with age gap and BDSM elements. 

Jackson is the owner of Elite and he’s watched his colleagues fall in love with their clients. Only to come face to face with a feisty boy he just knows is his. 
There is much more to Jackson than we have seen in the previous books and I like how his personality really come to life throughout this book. 

Dayton is a sassy and feisty cam boy that keeps his distance from everyone until he’s forced to live with Jackson after witnessing a murder. 
Day is possibly the biggest cinnamon roll of all the elite boys. He doesn’t trust easily, he’s prickly from the get go but he wears his persona armour. 

This series was so easy to binge. Liam DiCosimo absolutely slays as narrator, he is fantastic at bringing characters to life

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