Watch me Reign
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Emerson U: Watch Me Reign Review

Thank you KC for sending me an arc!

Watch Me Reign is book three in the Emerson U series. A dark romance reverse harem with second chance vibes, gang elements and a whole lot of angst. 

Let’s start off by saying I don’t know what KC puts in her books, but every book of hers turns into a binge read for me. It’s a painful struggle to have to put them down, they’re absolutely addictive and this one was no different. 

That gut punch that came from Watch Me Rise’s cliffhanger ending had me needing to consume the first chapters at high speed. Where you need all the answers and need them now. Each moment happening perfectly and working in with the flow.

Lou Lou is out of blood…this book shows you the force that she really is. That she isn’t the meek and mild damsel Robbie thinks she is. She’s Luella f*cking Carter! Vengeance and retribution are big elements of this book and the closing of their story. 

I really enjoy how when KC writes a harem she gives us all the desirable characteristics for the men, while still throwing a heavy dose of alphahole and attitude. The characters all compliment each other in ways and meld together perfectly in the story. But they never had that perfect fake vibe. 

I don’t want to go too in-depth because it risks spoilers. But this series is definitely another KC fave and of course I’ve added more book boyfriends to the collection! 

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