Fallen Angel
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Fallen Angel Series

Fallen Angel series by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine. A MM rockstar series. 

Halo is book one.

Viper is the arrogant lead guitarist for TBD and since their bandmate Trent bailed leaving them high and dry they need a new front man. 
Halo is a talented vocalist and musician who auditions to be the new singer for TBD. 

With one of my fave tropes, grumpy/sunshine and written by the Ella & Brooke you best believe I dove straight into this read. It is slower burning than some of the BrElla books but the story flows well regardless. 

This book is very much on sexual awakening for Halo but also for the band to find their footing in a new setting. 

Viper is book two.

This book shows a very different side to Viper, while he’s still a surly grump being with Halo changes him. For the better of course. While the focus of this book is the band in Miami recording they new album it is just as much about the relationship building between Halo & Viper. 

There are some really cute moments throw in with the steam and angst. Halo comes out of his shell more in this book too, not just with Viper. But the whole band, he finds his place with them. Feeling like he truly belongs. Also small nods to South Haven which is of course where Trent ran off too (If you haven’t read A Little Bit of Desire I’d recommend it before reading past this book). 

Angel is the final instalment in Viper & Halo POV. The build of their relationship throughout this series brings all the feels with the cute, steam and the angst moment. 

I really enjoyed their story.

An Affair in Paris is a Fallen Angel Novella and takes place while the band is on their world tour. 

It features a menage relationship between Slade, Jagger & Imogen. This was a great way to include them in the story without needing an entire standalone or series for them.

Lust, Hate, Love is book four.

From the beginning I loved Killian so I was stoked to get his HEA. His character shoulders all the bands troubles and is the unofficial go to when anything goes wrong. 

The chemistry between Levi and Killian does have slight attraction at first sight vibes, but thankfully no insta love. They bond builds over time and Levi makes Killian work for it. They both have past relationship trauma that makes a new one a struggle. But in the end we get some steam and a HEA. 

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