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Famous Series Review

Pop Star is book one in Famous series by Eden Finley. A MM musician romance, with a body guard trope. 

When I first read Pop Star I tried to go in with an open mind. Given that Harley’s character appears in Hat Trick, Jet & Soren’s story and he’s a total diva, ticking all the wrong annoying boxes. However with the different narrative comes a better character. 

Harley is a closeted musician that started out in a boy band. He’s not taken seriously as a musician, he has very little self worth not only because of his childhood but the only love he had was a toxic relationship with Jet. 
But Pop Star shows the golden retriever vibes that make you want to squish him. He has that sassy sarcasm and banter too, once you get past the wall he erects. 

Brix is ex military before moving to the private sector with Mike Bravo (makes me laugh every time), he’s tasks as a bodyguard for Harley after an incident with a crazed fan. As much as this isn’t his usual detail, Brix needs the money to help with a financial burden and can’t turn down the job. 

Brix and Harley have great chemistry, the witty banter and sarcasm between the two is one of the my favourite things. But mostly it’s the need Brix has to protect that centres Harley and shows there is more to this popstar than meets the eye. 

Plus we meet Iris, who will later feature in his own book IRIS, which is part of the Mike Bravo Ops series

Spotlight is book 2 in the Famous series by Eden Finley. A MM musician romance with a hot nanny trope. 

I’d never read the hot nanny trope before and while I on’t rush out to read more. I honestly loved this book. It has all the cute feels with the warm and fuzzier. 

Ryder is a single father who sacrifices his own happiness for his daughter, it give her a life out of the spotlight. Lyric is trying to find his way in the music industry and lands the role as Kaylee’s nanny. 

Ryder and Lyric’s meet cute is one of my faves. Insult your way into someones life, a man after my own heart haha. But the chemistry between these two is both sizzle and sweet, it’s a perfect balance. They truly compliment each other in a very different way to the other couples that future in Eden’s books. 

I think they might be my favourite Eleven couple….maybe

Fandom is book three in the Famous series by Eden Finley. A MM friends to lovers trope with second chance vibes. 

Usually friends to lovers is a total cringe. I need the angst and hate that comes from enemies to lovers and bully romance. But Eden makes you want to get to know Denver and Mason’s story. It’s interesting and provides the right level of angst to suck me in. 

Denver is stuck in pattern of avoidance. Avoiding being alone, missing his friend and what shattered their friendship. 

Mason returned home to Montana after his solo career tanked. He had no one but a chip on his shoulder of how things ended. 

Denver and Mason had some unfinished business. When the lines of friendship blurred and one was left heartbroken. This book tackles more than just when feels are developed for a friend. 

I liked how their story had some more serious elements of the pressure the entertainment industry can come with. The unrealistic expectations of artists, whether it be non stop working that can lead to burn out, control over their eating habits and appearance or that the lifestyle can lead to addiction. 

I didn’t expect to enjoy their story as much as I did. It pulls together the rest of the Eleven crew as well too. With only Blake left to find his ending.

Encore is book four and the final book in the Famous series by Eden Finley. This is an MM musician romance with forced proximity trope. 

Jordan is a good luck chuck, every guy he dates ends up finding their happily ever after. He makes a bet to have Blake costar in a new MM movie with him. When Jordan’s director ex boyfriend is found in a compromising position and somehow Jordan is the centre of the tabloids with Blake. 

Blake is the only one single left out of the Eleven group, but that’s how he’s always felt. Like he was one on the outside, never quite fitting in or being needed. So when acting came along he dove right into it. 

Jordan and Blake learn how a bet can change your entire life… 

I had so many laughs throughout this book. One I need to address is Jordan being compared to Flynn Ryder from Tangled. I genuinely snorted because it is so fitting to his entire personality. The banter and wit without this book is fantastic. But that one takes the cake. 

I enjoyed Jordan and Blake’s story. While all of their stories differ having them all come together throughout the series brought so much more to the entire story than just their standalone moments.

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