Forever Changed
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Forever Changed Duet Review

This duet kept popping up on my Kindle Unlimited suggestions so naturally I had to read it. 

Forever Changed is the first book in the duet. 

I found it to be a slow burn whilst the characters were being introduced and the backstories established. But it provided a full storyline with the different POV’s and elements to the plot. 

The drama is on overdrive in the book not just with our female main character Carson. But also for the men in her life. 

I absolutely adored Jase and Layton’s relationship. They are seriously the cutest cinnamon rolls. While Easton has that alpha hole energy. Connor and Xavier are more likeable. 

But one character I can’t seem to get on board with is Memphis. I’ve never wanted to slap a character so badly. He just flips my wtf switch haha. 

Now for that cliffhanger. Why!? Why you gotta punch in the feels like that 😩 

Forever Yours is book two.

Oh my heart. This book hurt my soul. 
Soul crushing despair and pain fills these pages. The characters are so broken and damaged. Punched in the feels at every turn. 

The plot definitely didn’t go how I thought it would. But I wasn’t disappointed when the antagonist got their karma.

Layton and Jase are still very much my favourites. Sadly book two didn’t have me warming up to Memphis in the slightest haha. He didn’t shake the entitlement enough for me. 

If you enjoy musicians, drama filled plot, mm romance and reverse harems give this duet a read

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