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Four Horsemen: Carnage Review

Carnage is book one in the Four Horseman series by Sarah Bailey. A dark reverse harem romance. 

Have you ever started reading a book and gone WHY, why did I wait so long to read this? That is what happened while reading this. Sarah has absolutely snared me. I’m so hooked on this series. 

The horseman are ruthless, calculating and down right psychotic. But they’re missing their light in the darkness. They grew up with Scarlett, but she doesn’t remember their past. Only the life she’s been trapped in. 
Until she comes to Fortuity and the schemes begin on both sides. This book has more twists and secrecy than I expected. It’s slow burn in that the moment you think you’re going to get some answers, even the smallest morsel the rug is pulled from under you, but the story is so intoxicating that you have to keep reading. 
I cannot wait to see how the plot and sub plots throughout this series unfold! I’m also looking forward to seeing the kink rep in the future books, while there are moments mentioned and small nods I hope it becomes more on page in the future.

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