Frat Wars
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Frat Wars: Master of Mayhem Review

Master of Mayhem is book two in the Frat Wars series by Saxon James. A college MM romance. 

The ultimate bromance, a bro friend haha. This book was everything I hoped it would be. From the frat pranks to the ridiculous and cute moments. But one thing is for sure, Saxon always delivers with the shenanigans. 

Robbie has strong golden retriever energy, he’s a giant goof and always down to make someone laugh. Brandon is a little more reserved and essentially the frat’s fun police. His job is to keep the pranks and parties safe. So naturally who would drive him insane? Robbie the giant man child of course. 

These two are ridiculously cute. This is a very low angst read but has some great tropes. With friends to lovers, double bi-awakening. But there are also little random stereotype breaking traits as well, like a built like a tank footballer who knits, cmon is that not the cutest damn thing you ever pictured?!

As always Iggy and Alexander are such an awesome narration duo. 
I am so keen for book three. Zeke and Chuck, it’s going to be brilliant and I cannot wait!

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