Hannaford Prep
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Hannaford Prep Review

Hannaford Prep by J Bree is a reverse harem dark romance with bully themes.

Just Drop Out is book one

This is definitely a slow burn and while I usually hate that. This book has me so hooked. It’s so plot driven that it’s easy to get consumed by it. 

Lips is a foster kid trying to make a better life. But there’s more to her than the preppy elite of Hannaford see. She will not break, not matter what they throw at her. 

Harley is the hot bad boy. Ash only cares about three things – his twin sister Avery, Blaise and cousin Harley. Blaise is the vocalist of Vanth Falling. Avery gives off superior rich girl vibes. 
Then there is the twins brother Joey, he’s an arrogant cliche rich boy. But there’s a sociopath lurking under that cliche.

This book sets this series up perfectly. Not only with the main characters but the breadcrumbs for the world of Mounts Bay! 

The bully elements and trauma in this book can be very comforting to some. Please be aware there is bullying, violence, graphic depictions of past experiences and once again this is a dark romance.

Make Your Move is book two.

This series just continues to draw you in and make it impossible to stop. The slow burn works so well with how the plot unfolds and the puzzle pieces that are given throughout this book. 

The friendship between Avery and Lips is one of my favourite things about this series. It’s every kind of emotion from frustrating, adoration, hilarity and of course unwavering loyalty. This book is where the boys finally see who Lips is. It also gives more breadcrumbs for things to come in future books. 

The cliffhanger though, leaves you craving more and brings us to the next stage of the series.

Play the Game is book three.

This book has quite a few sub plots that unfold within the series and has Lips completely stepping out of the hold of the Jackal and making sure he knows it. 

We also meet Illi (Johnny Illium, The Butcher of the Bay) and Odie (his wife Odette) their story can be found in the Mounts Bay Saga Butcher of the Bay Part 1 and 2. Illi has known Lips since she first went into foster care and she helped save Odie (this is not a spoiler)

There are small breadcrumbs throughout this book that open up the plot to not only the next book – To The End. But also to The Queen Crow series. Rereading has brought all this moments out for me and made it such an enjoyable read. 

The characters develop further too, not just in the relationships within their found family but within themselves. I find this makes the series flow better than others, especially when you consider their ages at the beginning of the series. 

This book ends on my favourite cliffhanger. While it leaves you guessing and wondering how this come to happen. It’s been a long time coming! 

To the End is book four. 

This book has some of my absolute fave moments not just within the harem with Lips and the boys but our side characters really come to play here. 

Everything comes to a head (pun intended) with this book, every unanswered question and breadcrumb you grasped onto comes to a close in the best possible way. It’s brilliantly written and I really enjoyed how it unfolded. Don’t let my enthusiasm confuse you, this book is dark, savage and twisted. But in the best possible ways. 

Even on my reread I love how Lips and her found family don’t pull any punches here. I can’t recommend it enough. If you’re on the fence about this book or this series, trust me you need it in your life. 

We also have a fantastic prologue of shorts into the Queen Crow series that follows this and focus around Avery and her relationships. 
I look forward more from J Bree within this world. Still hoping for more from the Devil and Vanth Falling 

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