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Heartstopper Review

Sometimes it’s so good to be wrong. A series that I had to eat my words because it was so good.

Mine was Heartstopper. I got a severe case of FOMO when it released and had to check it out. But I’d struggled with reading and being interested in young adult content for months now since going to the dark side! And I’ve had no attention span to watch a tv series, I’ve tried with multiple series recently and failed. 

BUT…This series is absolutely fantastic an completely had me from the first episode. It’s wholesome and sweet. The characters and storyline come together brilliantly. It also shines a light on the struggles and difficulties faced by coming out and understanding your own sexuality. I haven’t read the graphic novels, but I hear they equally fantastic. For someone who identifies as bisexual this series has so many elements and moments that are absolutely relatable. 

I’m so excited about the announcement of another season. Which I’ll no doubt binge watch like the first season. 
If you haven’t watched this series I highly recommend you get over to Netflix and get your binge watch on! 

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