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Hell Gate Review

Hell Gate is a standalone paranormal reverse harem by Veronica Eden within the Twisted Legends Collection.

I should preface by saying I don’t read paranormal romance. I can’t vibe with it anymore even after being a fantasy/paranormal reader for years. So this will is few and far between read for me and it takes an author fave to make me do it.

When I was first getting into this book it gave me Supernatural vibes in the best possible way. Give me a creepy cemetery, urban myths and hells gates any day of the week!
Lily has always been been outcast, she was different and always rejected an cast aside like she didn’t belong. This was her last foster placement before she turned 18 an aged out of the system. This was the start of her new life….in more ways than one.

The premise of this story is absolutely fantastic. The world build and character blend was brilliant. But to squeeze in elements of lore, I was totally there for it. These parts kept me very interested in the story and binge reading til the end. Plus I do enjoy an enemies to lovers trope.

I highly recommend this for lovers of paranormal romance. Plus it’s perfect being a standalone, we all need more standalone to add to our reading lists!

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