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Hostile Review

Hostile is an opposites attract MM romance by Nicole Dykes. 

Rhett was in and out of the foster system most of his childhood and struggles to feeling worthy. To see worth and value in himself. He’s been adopted along with his two best friends by an amazing couple who absolutely adore their kids, but he has plans and doesn’t want to burden them. 

Grayson is the golden boy. A rich jock. They couldn’t be more different. But is that what truly brings them together. 

Hostile has the perfect level of angst and drama within a high school setting. It’s not written for dramatic flare, the plot is build on these characters. This was such an easy read to binge read. Plus it’s hard to fall for these characters. Not only with the opposites attract but he grumpy/sunshine vibes with Rhett clearly being a brooding grump. 

It’s very much a story on finding themselves and their place in the world. But find they belong together.

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