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Intentions Duet Review

Bad Intentions is the first book in the Intentions Duet by Ella Frank. This is an age gap MM romance. 

Another couple in the Chicagoverse. This was the first series of Ella’s I read before needing to start at the beginning and meet Logan and Tate the right way. 

Gabe has total golden retriever vibes in the best way. With that sweet playful aloofness, but still so determined and stubborn. After scoring a job at Mitchell & Madison he attends a party with his best friend Ryan and thats where a little lie reels in a big fish. 

Marcus St. James is the president of ENN WorldWide. We first meet him back in Prime Time, which for those new to the Chicagoverse is Sean & Xander’s story. He is a no nonsense, workaholic that never believed in romance little lone love. So he never saw Gabe coming.

I absolutely adore these two. Even with the age gap (which never really used to be my kinda trope), Gabe brings out the fun that Marcus desperately needs in his life and Marcus soon learns that there is more to Gabe.

Good Intentions is book two in the Intentions Duet by Ella Frank. This is an age gap MM romance. 

Picking up where Bad Intentions ends this book is all about realising what you want in life and what you truly need. 

Marcus is offered the opportunity of a life time, but what’s more important. Love or work? Gabe also gives Marcus a taste of his own medicine when he plans their night out. Throwing axes is seriously the best date idea ever. Totally on board with that one. 

I really do adore these two. They are a perfect balance. Their story is one of my many favourites in the Chicagoverse.

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