J Bree Reading Orders

J Bree Contemporary Series

While each series has its own story these series do have characters and storylines that interconnect.

Hannaford Prep

Hannaford Prep is a dark reverse harem romance set in high school. This series has bully themes and heavy crime/gang elements.

Make My Move is book two ‘Make Your Move’ written from the boys POV instead of Lips. The series is available in full series.

Butcher of the Bay

Butcher of the Bay is Illi & Odie’s origin story. These events occur before Hannaford Prep but it doesn’t hinder the story to read it after.

Angel Unseen

The Angel Unseen is set in the same world as Hannaford Prep and should be read after.

The Queen Crow

Queen Crow is set after the events of Hannaford Prep. However it can be read before or after Angel Unseen & Butcher of the Bay.

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