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KC Kean Reading Orders

KC Kean Series

KC Kean’s contemporary series are set within the same world and so have crossovers for both characters and some timelines.

Featherstone Academy

Featherstone Academy books 1-3 is Luna’s story. But this does overlap with the events that take place in Red, book one focusing on Red’s story. They are on the same timeline and some of the same events do occur in the book. But they should still be read in this order.

Featherstone Academy has also been released in two volumes. Each volume has bonus scenes and extended epilogues for their stories.

Burn to Ash is a standalone for Bethany & Ryan’s origin story. We met them in The Allstars Series however their story takes place before that series.

The Allstars

The Allstars is set after the events of the above series.

Emerson U

Emerson U provides Lou Lou’s story, we meet her in the Allstars series. But this also brings together characters from other series and should be read last.

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