Dark Knight
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Knights Ridge Empire: Dark Knight Review

Thank you Tracy for sending me an ARC to read as part of the street team! 

Dark Knight is book one in the Batman & Calli’s story and book ten in the Knights Ridge Empire series. A dark mafia romance series. 

Tracy absolutely slayed me with this book. I loved our previous couples, but I knew Batman and Calli would be my favourite! Our Dark Knight has all the dark and twisted persona that I love! 

Calli is the sweet and sheltered mafia princess, with not only an overprotective brother Nico but her cousin Theo as well. She’s seen as nothing more than a doll to protect. But there is more to Calli. 
Batman is a soldier first and foremost, keeping to the shadows is what he does. What he’s always done, but is it for more than just his role. But for self perseveration as well. 

Batman and Calli together is the perfect balance of light and dark. He cloaks her in shadows and brings light to his life. He’s so consumed by his own self loathing that he can’t see beyond the hurt.

As also Tracy has me craving and needing more, not only with that cliffhanger (which cmon we knew was coming) but their story is only just beginning and the emotions and angst are running high. I can’t wait to see where the rest takes us!

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