Dark Princess
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Knights Ridge Empire: Dark Princess Review

Dark Princess is book two in Calli and Batman’s trilogy and book eleven in the Knights Ridge Empire series by Tracy Lorraine. 

The biggest thing for me with this book is the character development for both Calli and Batman. She has founds her voice and isn’t afraid of speaking out. She isn’t content to play the meek and mild mafia princess any longer. And I’m totally here for it! Batman has been a fave from the beginning of the series, but in this book we finally see him as Calli does, the boy beneath the solider. 

So many moments of this book didn’t go how I expected, which I love when an author can shock me or leave me shook. And Tracy has left me shook with this trilogy. This entire Knight Ridges Empire world brings all of my favourite dark romance vibes together with morally grey characters, badass female character and those strong bonds of friendship and family. 

I swear I know it’s coming but every time we get hit with a cliffhanger my heart hurts a little, especially in this series! I cannot wait for Dark Legacy! 

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