reckless Princess
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Knights Ridge Empire: Reckless Princess Review

Reckless Princess is book 2 in Toby and Jodie’s trilogy and book 8 in Knights Ridge Empire series by Tracy Lorraine. 

Toby and Jodie’s journey is possibly one of darkest so far. Which is saying something given our previous knight’s, Seb and Theo. But Toby has so much pain buried deep it manifested in the darkest kind of revenge it could. 

Tracy has this knack for making you completely captivated by the most twisted and dark characters and enthralled by every story. 
I was honestly skeptical about Toby in the beginning, we were fooled by his ‘nice guy’ persona. But his proving to be just as devious and wicked as our previous knight’s. 

I also enjoy the little moments that lead to Nico’s story and Calli’s with Batman (if you know you know, don’t spoil it for everyone else). 

If you love dark romance with morally grey characters and dark twisted plots this is a series for you.

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