Wicked empire
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Knights Ridge Empire: Wicked Empire Review

Wicked Empire is the third book in the Knights Ridge Empire series by Tracy Lorraine and the final book in Seb & Stella’s story. 

A dark bully romance that’s bound to snare your interest. 

Wicked Empire picks up where Wicked Princess’ cliffhanger left us wanting more. 

Seb and Stella’s story has been a rollercoaster of chaos. But we wouldn’t have them any other way! I’m glad we wrapped up their story and who was trying to kill Stella, it makes for a better flow into the next ‘series’. I must admit my theory wasn’t far off the mark. 

I’m looking forward to other couples to come in the Knights Ridge Empire series, especially a sassy biker girl and a surly Greek alphahole in Deviant Knight!

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