Wicked Knight
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Knights Ridge Empire: Wicked Knight Review

Wicked Knight is book one in the Knights Ridge Empire series by Tracy Lorraine and the start of Seb & Stella’s trilogy. 
This high school bully mafia romance is so addictive. It’s easy to binge read in one sitting and you’ll be hooked needing more. 

A fantastic start to the series. And the enemies to lovers vibe I love so much are so strong in this book. 

Stella is a fierce badass who won’t back down. And Seb is so arrogant, twisted and obsessive. But has he met his match in Stella? 

While this book didn’t trigger me at all, be sure to read trigger warnings as it does contain dub/non con, humiliation, somnophilia, knife and blood play, mutilation, sexual violence and exhibitionism/voyeurism.

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