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LA Liaisons Series

Liaisons series by Brooke Blaine

Licked is book one. 

Having read quite a few of Brooke’s books mostly the MM romances I was keen to dive into this series for a change up. I was not disappointed. From the first chapters it had me interested. Not only with the characters but the genuinely funny lines. 

Ryleigh is that sweet cute girl with her own style. I absolutely loved the 50’s vibes for her. Not just her won personal style but for Licked as well. It fit the character so well. 

The audiobook for this was snort worthy. The narrator brought the character to life.

Hooker is book 2.

Shayne probably has the biggest obstacles in personal and work life out of the girls featured in this series. Her story gives you all the emotions from laughing at the sheer craziness to the gut punch in the feels at her situation. Shayne and Nate have the most interesting story because of this. 

But as always Brooke sucks you in with the drama of it all, along with the banter and sarcasm.

P.I.T.A is book three in the LA Liaisons series. 
Paige was probably my favourite right off the bat. She’s sassy and fierce. The love/hate frenemies vibe with Dawson is fantastic. The banter and drama is just sucks you in. 
This book was witty, funny and above all really kinda cute. Which I’m total trash for. 

I really love how characters within the chicagoverse tie back into the series not just those in the immediate story.

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