Lucy Lennox Reading Orders

Lucy Lennox

Lucy’s series do have character crossovers and appearances between the series. This is the recommended reading order

Made Marian is the first series in the world. The above are the main novels in this series and follow the Marian brothers. Each book is about a different Marian and finding their HEA.

Made Mine is a co author with Sloane Kennedy that is best read after Grounding Griffin (Book 4, Made Marian series by Lucy Lennox) and Unexpected (Book 10, The from the Protectors series by Sloane Kennedy).

Hay is a short novella about Hayworth Buchanan who we meet in Moving Maverick on Rabbit Island. This book should be read after Moving Maverick but is considered. a standalone.

A Very Marian Christmas takes place after Delivering Dante. The shorts and mixtapes are just collections of short stories or bonus scenes. I don’t believe they are necessary to the stories but are nice sweet fluff to read.

Forever Wilde

Forever Wilde is an MM romance series that follows the Wilde family and their journeys to their HEA. This series should be read in this order and does have appearances from the Marian family.

Forever Wilde Novella

Flirt is a novella and takes place between Hudson’s Luck & His Saint. While Stevie isn’t a Wilde this couple do appear throughout the series and it’s a cute, sweet short read.

Aster Valley

Aster Valley starts with the Winter Waites novella. This is a MM romance series. Each book is a new couple.

Forever Wilde is Aster Valley is a crossover with Made Marian, Forever Wilde, and Aster Valley series. And should be read after the first two series and after Hot as Heller (Aster Valley) and before Thick as Thieves.

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