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Made Marian Series

Made Marian is an MM romance series on the Marian men and their relationships.

Borrowing Blue is book one in the Made Marian series.

This series was my first of Lucy’s and I absolutely fell in love with that small town sweet vibe. It’s very low angst, light and so easy to binge read. Especially with the audiobooks and Michael Dean is fantastic as the narrator. 

Blue has recently split up with a long time partner and is attending his sister wedding, where of course his ex is invited. Tristan is the sexy owner of the winery that is hosting the wedding. 

Tristan and Blue are absolutely adorable. This book has the cute sweetness, funny wit and crazy families – but in the good fun way. 
We also meet all the siblings, some feature a little more than others within Blue’s story based on his relationship to them and to set up for the future books. Each book in the Made Marian series follows a different Marian to finding their HEA.

Taming Teddy is book two in the Made Marian series.

We briefly met Jamie in Borrowing Blue and got a glimpse into his life in Alaska.

Teddy is an award winning photographer hell bent on getting an opportunity to photograph Jamie in his element with wild animals.

Teddy and Jamie’s story has so much sweet and adorable. Not only with them together but the moments captured with the animals are all kinds of cute. 

I really love how Lucy always delivers the low angst but a captivating small town vibe I can’t say no too.

Jumping Jude is book three in the Made Marian series. A MM bodyguard trope romance. 

Jude makes an appearance in Borrowing Blue so we get to know him a little there. But that barely touches on his full story. 

Jude is a country singer and firmly in the closet. Derek is his new personal bodyguard. 
I never used to be fan of this trope, but it’s becoming a favourite. Sometimes you just like to know how it’s going to end up. 

Their relationship is all kinds of adorable. In typical Lucy fashion she has us falling in love with not only Jude and his level of cuteness but Derek is the sweetest. He’s literally a giant teddy bear. 

Their story has it’s moments of uncertainty and difficulty. But they’re still low angst and always have that focus on the Marian family. With a few more interactions from some of the other siblings and small breadcrumbs of their stories to come.

Grounding Griffin is book four in the Made Marian series.

Griffin is one of the adoptive brothers in the Marian clan and comes with emotional trauma that rears it’s head throughout this book. He’s a freelance writer working on a new piece that requires him to use pet named when picking up men in a bar. 
This is where he meets Sam the hot bartender. 
Sam is a bartender at Hairy Dicks. But is also a qualified chef and comes with his very own brand of baggage too. 

I love how even in a low angst fluffy series that there is still that tension that sucks me in. This book has great chemistry with Sam and Griffin, they truly do compliment each other perfectly. Baggage/trauma and all. 

This series I so easy to binge and the audiobooks are easy listening. Highly recommend

Moving Maverick is book five in the Made Marian series.  

Maverick is one of the adoptive brothers in the Marian clan and is making the journey back to Rabbit Island after the passing of his maternal grandmother. He hasn’t been back since his parents died. 

Beau fell in love with the boy next door one summer and since he left has spent 15 years trying to forget him. Until he returns for Mimi’s funeral. 

Beau and Maverick are like magnets, always going to connect no matter the obstacle. Their story is very cute with that small town vibe. As always with Lucy’s books it’s very low angst and minimal drama. But don’t expect smooth sailing. There’s crazy little old ladies, gossiping towns folk and salt/pepper shaker puns! 

Delivering Dante is book six in the Made Marian series.

Dante is one of the adoptive brothers and the baby of the family. He is the quieter and more reserved in the family. With his past he doesn’t like being the centre of attention or crowds. 

AJ is the reason Dante was able to escape his abusive father all those years ago….But Dante doesn’t remember him. 

Dante’s story has a little more angst than most of Lucy’s reads, especially within this series. His past is filled with pain and trauma. Something he’s still struggling to be free of. 
But his and Aj’s journey is filled with RV shenanigans, crazy old women and family craziness too.

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