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Madison Kate Series Review

Hate is book one in the Madison Kate series. A dark romance enemies to lovers reverse harem. 

This was my first reverse harem. After seeing the covers all over bookstagram and a few bookish friends recommending it. I caved and listened to the audiobook. I was not ready, but was not disappointed. This sparked my obsession with duet narration. 

“Need to make them regret the day they ever fucked with Madison Kate Danvers”

Madison Kate is a sassy, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, she was arrested and charged for crimes on Riot Night. When she returns to Shadow Grove a year later, she finds the three guys responsible for setting her up living in her fathers house. Archer, Steele and Kody, quickly find out just how much they shouldn’t mess with MK. 

I absolutely devoured this book. Enemies to lovers is my absolute favourite trope. Add in the banter, angst and drama, with the chilling thriller vibes and I could not stop. 

This is now one of my go to comfort series. I cannot recommend it enough!!

Liar is book two in the Madison Kate series. A reverse harem enemies to lovers dark romance. 

I loved the addition of Kody’s chapter at the start of Liar. Giving that different narrative brought a completely different feel to the beginning. 

We jump straight in to where Hate left us on that twisted cliffhanger. MK is determined to flush out the secrets and fill the gaps in her memory from the night her mother was killed. 

Liar is where the thriller aspect of plot slowly unfolds with MK’s stalker and the surprises he leaves for them to find. Also the relationships between Kody and Steele develop more along with character development for MK. 

Also the audiobooks just get better I swear! If you haven’t given an audiobook a try and are thinking about a series. THIS IS IT! 

The queen of cliffhangers totally had me with this one. I was so consumed by the story and the breadcrumbs that I didn’t even see it coming.

Fake is book three in the Madison Kate series. A reverse harem enemies to lovers dark romance. 

After the events of Liar, we dive into Archer’s chapter (again something I loved that we start each book with one of the boys POV’s). Hearing his narrative brings another perspective to the story. That things aren’t always as they seem. While Archer and MK are definitely the grumpy/sunshine trope. I absolutely love when the ice thaws between them. 

The relationships growth in this book is on point. This book has all three relationships with the boys needing mending after the bombshell that Liar’s ending brought to us. Especially with MK’s stalker still on the prowl and making himself known. 

What the hell just happened?! This cliffhanger was evil! One of those soul crushing moments. 

Kate is the final book in the Madison Kate series. A reverse harem enemies to lovers dark romance. 

Kate picks up where Fake crashed our souls. Steele’s chapter breaks my heart. Even now on my rereads. Not just with the flashback but his moments after Liar. 

This book is a total rollercoaster. With wedding bells, car bombs, assassins and some steamy moments (emphasis on the steam haha) 

This series fast became one of my favourites. On my first read I devoured the entire 4 audiobooks in 48 hours. No, I didn’t sleep. Like the true addict I am, I needed answers and kept going! Honestly, what’s not to love? Hot men. Page turning drama. Deviously brilliant smut. 

Kate wraps up MK’s story with growth, development and a heavy dose of answers. But it does leave you with questions….That you’ll find answers for in Vault. But make sure you read at least up to Club 22 in the Hades series before reading Vault.

Vault is a Madison Kate novella and best read after Kate and Club 22 (Hades Series). The different POV’s is what I was most looking forward to and I was not disappointed. Reading from Archer, Steele & Kody’s perspective brought this novella more to life. 

The dose of MK and the boys we needed. It was filled with everything we love about those four; smut, sass and banter. While it still bridged gaps in what was happening with them while Hades was dealing with Chase. 

I enjoyed this novella. But really need more from this though. I’m an addict that’s had a taste, but still craving more. I absolutely love the Shadow Grove world that Tate’s created. 

I’m looking forward to the next release of Honey Trap and where that might take us. But I hold out hope for more of MK & the boys.

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