Men of Summer
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Men of Summer Review

Men of Summer is an MM sports romance series by Lauren Blakely. 

Scoring with Him is book one.

I’ve read a few Blakely books now, both her solo and cowrites and I always come back to the MM reads. While I am definitely not a baseball fan (I’ve never even watched a game) I really enjoyed this. Even being about a sport I knew nothing about I absolutely binge read this. 

Grant is embarking on his rookie season and he comes face to face with Declan a player he definitely shouldn’t have a crush on or pursue. This book is very medium angst and not about average burn. The plot builds up throughout the story. Declan running from and compartmentalising his past, as well as not wanting to ruin Grant’s rookie season with distractions. 

That cliffhanger had me a little shook. I wasn’t expecting a cliffhanger at all. But I’m definitely diving straight into book 2. 

Jacob Morgan and Tedding Hamilton always manage to suck me into a story and have me on 

Winning with Him is book two.

Picking up right where that gut punch from Scoring with Him left us. Declan struggles with his past colliding with his present. While Grant is at risk of losing it all, the game he loves as well the man. 

The right love and the wrong time. They have blazing and scorching chemistry, can we get a fire extinguisher in here. But the heartbreaking separation was necessary in their story. 

This book deals heavily with trauma with both characters. Declan struggles with his father and the way his actions drag his life down. Along with the constant uncertainty of being worthy. 
Then Grant struggles with wanting to play the game he loves to his best ability and his need to be wanted based on his childhood/parental trauma. The book tackles big issues in these characters lives, it’s medium level angst and will make your heart hurt. 

I do like the small moments of other characters that have featured in Lauren’s books, having read these books out of ‘order’ as such I liked seeing Asher make an appearance. Looking forward to reading the next in this series too.

All in With Him is book Three.  

Declan and Grant have been quite a journey throughout the 5 years that spanned through the previous two books to finally come together. If there was ever a series to embody the right love at the wrong time, it’s this series. 

But it’s not all smooth sailing now Declan and Grant are together. With Grant questioning their future and Declan worried he isn’t enough for Grant. Declan is that quite happy to stay out of the spotlight kind of guy, whereas Grant loves to be out and in amongst it. They worry their relationship might run it’s course. 

I really enjoyed how not only this book but this series tackled real issues in relationships. The challenges brought by past trauma, life and obstacles we face. All while giving us two characters you can’t help but absolutely adore. I love that they got their ending, their way. 
Also little hints at Owen and River and their journey in The Bromance Zone. 

As also massive love for Jacob Morgan and Teddy Hamilton, honestly I think I’d listen a shopping list read out if they narrated it!

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