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Necessary Evils: Moonstruck Review

Moonstruck is book three in the Necessary Evils series by Onley James. An MM romance series that follows the seven psychopath Mulvaney brothers and the seven men they want to protect.

Atticus is the eldest son of the Mulvaney’s but he doesn’t feel part of the family. He takes everything seriously but isn’t the best at the family trade, killing. 

Jericho is no psychopath but he’s definitely a killer. The vicious type. On the outside he’s just a mechanic, but to the boys that call his shop home he’s Peter Pan. 

I have to say Jericho is my favourite of the boys partners so far. He fits into the family so well and blends with Atticus’ psychopathy so well. Seeing beneath the outer shell of ‘everything needs to be done a certain way’ to the boy that doesn’t feel wanted. 

Their story really does open up more to come within the series. With Felix and Avi. But also the interactions between the brothers when they’re all together. We also see a completely different side to Thomas in this book…I’m going to need that to be the last book. Please Onley!

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