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Necessary Evils: Psycho Review

Psycho is book two in the Necessary Evils series by Onley James. An MM romance series that follows the seven psychopath Mulvaney brothers and the seven men they want to protect.

August is the brilliant and loved by his students professor on the outside but on the inside and with his brothers he’s an obsessive ruthless psychopath. And when he sets his eyes on something he can’t move on…
Lucas was once the FBI’s golden child until he shared his gift and that his colleague was a serial killer. Now he’s labelled as crazy and becomes Augusts new obsession. 

I really enjoyed the way Onley has balances the psycho and the psychic. In a twisted and very tortured way they compliment each other perfect. So you get the darkness and the ‘cute’ all in one haha. 
Plus the more I read through the series the more we have glimpses of the other brothers and breadcrumbs to their stories which I’m also enjoying. 

Also I’ve seen reviews and mentions that the book is insta love vibes, which I absolutely loathe. BUT with August’s psychopathy it’s not love. It’s obsession. It’s a need he can’t shake..Not love. And given Lucas’ gifts he feeds off August’s obsession making their relationship develop more. So in my opinion it isn’t written in an insta love kinda way.

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