Unhinged Necessary Evils
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Necessary Evils: Unhinged Review

Unhinged is book one in the Necessary Evils series. An MM romance series that follows the seven psychopath Mulvaney brothers and the seven men they want to protect.

Adam is the youngest of the psychopath brothers. After coming face to face with the son of one of his kills everything changes for him. 

Noah is sweet and cute. An adorable little cinnamon roll on the outside. But behind closed doors he’s a masochist. Which pairs perfectly with Adam’s possessive need to claim and mark Noah as his.

This series gives off criminal minds vibes with how the team works and handles the job they complete and the nature of the crimes they punish. 

There are also kinks galore in this book including: praise, breeding, spanking, submission and bondage. Which I’m totally here for! 

I really enjoyed this read and I’m looking forward to the rest of the Mulvaney brothers Atticus, Aiden, August, Asa & Avi, Archer after Adam’s story

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