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Pacific Prep Series Review

Broken Trust is the first book in the Pacific Prep series. A dark romance reverse harem with a real slow burn. 

Hadley is our fiery, sassy and fierce female main character. But what secrets is she keeping? The Princes of Pac Hawk, Westley, Cam and Mason are your typical tormenters, or are they? 

The series was recommended for fans Hannaford Prep, Kings of Quarantine and Toxic Creek which after reading this I can completely see the comparison. This story is so shrouded in mystery I still don’t quite know where it’s going to take us, but I’m definitely here for it. The characters are compelling and we have been given just enough of a glimpse to be on the edge of our seats. 

If you’re an avid audiobook listener like I am this performance was a let down. I absolutely love duet narration, it’s the only way to narrate in my opinion. However sadly this female narration had no emotion, it lacked inflection. The male narration was brilliant though. 

Also just a slight warning while there are bully elements, I wouldn’t class this as bully romance. Although I didn’t find the content to be triggering in the slightest I do recommend reading the trigger warning as there may be other themes or elements i.e. self harm and violence that could be found triggering to some.

Holy slow burn. 

Brutal Lies is book two in the Pacific Prep series. A reverse harem dark romance series. 

We pick up where the cliffhanger of Broken trust left us. And lets just say we might be on book two wow is the mystery on high level. The burn is slow, but thankfully not at a glacial pace. The breadcrumbs are dropping and the plot is slowly unfolding. 

Hadley’s secrets are still pretty firmly held and that anticipation. You know the more the series goes on, the bigger it is going to get. As for the Princes, we get a glimpse behind the facade in Brutal Lies, seeing beyond the masks they show the rest of Pac. 

I’m most definitely hooked though. I need the answers. All the answers. Especially with another cliffhanger leaving me shook!

Beyond Vengeance is book 3 in the pacific Prep series. A dark reverse harem romance. 

After the cliffhanger that shook me, I’m now rattled by another. The slow burn of this series will be the death of me. I swear the more I read the more unanswered questions I have. I am so hooked. I need all the answers! 

Hadley really began to open up throughout Beyond Vengeance, she still holds so many secrets some spilling without her knowledge but definitely needed to push the plot. Her relationship with the boys develops both on their own and as a whole within this book. Something that desperately needed to happen. While I really enjoy Hadley’s boys, I think Hawk is becoming my favourite character, new book boyfriend added. 

We also meet Wilder, wow does he like to make chaos reign in the best possible way!
I cannot wait for their parents to get what’s coming to them. Especially Lawrence and Wilder’s slimy father, a knife to the hand was not nearly enough for that kinda vile. 

Break Free is book 4 and the final book in the Pacific Prep series. A dark reverse harem romance. 

After the events of Beyond Vengeance we dive into Hadley’s struggle to not break herself, but break free. 

The character development in this series is fantastic. Not just the relationships with the harem and opening up. The continued thaw of Hawk. Beck and West building their sibling bond. But also the character growth, they learn from the obstacles and chaos that has taken over their life and the story builds on that more. 
I still maintain Lawrence and the other parents didn’t get quite enough of what they deserved but they certainly had in coming. 

This series really doesn’t gloss over the brutality and trauma that’s experienced by not only Hadley but how the boys as well. While some moments may be confronting to some (again please read trigger warnings) the story didn’t just go on. There were real references to mental health and adjusting to life after traumatic events. 

Throughout the entire series I’ve always been team Hawke, while the guys in Hadley’s harem all have their great book boyfriend qualities I’m really interested to see where Hawk’s story leads with his sister back and out from under the thumb of their families. Him and Wilder together makes for an interesting and entertaining duo. 

While I am not triggered by this series, I should add, read trigger warnings. This series has some very dark elements of grooming, rape, violence and some very questionable moments.

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