Claiming the Reaper
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Reaped Series Review

The Reaper Incarnate is the prequel to the Reaped series by RE Bond & CA Rene.

Holy damn! That was not what I expected. 
Darkness of a whole different level to the previous RE Bond series I’ve read. 

A vigilante out for vengeance for her sister. She’s like a tornado leaving destruction in her wake. 

Claiming the Reaper is book two in the Reaped series.

‘Welcome to Hell. You’ve been reaped’ 

I have to say this was my favourite book out of the series. There was never a dull moment. 
The level of crazy is unparalleled in this book. Absolute insanity in the best kinda way. 

I found myself more drawn and pulled in by the characters. Not just Selene and her Harley Quinn style brand of crazy but her boys too. 
Santos and Darius are adorably dysfunctional. They’re crazy balances each other in a way. 
Zander while still firmly holding onto his Betty buzzkill ways becomes more likeable and less whining haha. 
Last but definitely not least Daddy Blaze, how can you not love him! 

This series is violent, intense and gritty. A whole new kind of darkness. 

Please if you want to read these series, check the trigger warnings first.

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